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Outlaws of the Greenwood / Hooded Man Productions

ormally known as the B.O.W. we were originally started around twenty years ago when a group of RoS fans met during the annual Robin Hood Festival. All were medieval re-enactors and enjoyed being part of the legend. We met on several occasions, but unfortunately over time, our numbers dwindled and we became more involved in other areas. However, four of us have stayed in touch and are the closest of friends.

e are two couples who have been Robin of Sherwood fans for many years. We have a wide range of experience with historical film and television work and have also been involved with prop and costume making, from wooden pendants to viking houses!

ohn and Jon-Michael have both been involved with public performances variously as Robin, Will Scarlet and Dickon of Barnsley in and around Sherwood during the past fifteen years. They have perfomed at the Robin Hood Pageant at Nottingham Castle and also worked at various times at The World of Robin Hood (sadly now closed). Jon-Michael was also the official Robin for a time at The Tales of Robin Hood in Nottingham. John and Freyja have entertained the public several times in Sherwood during the Annual Robin Hood Festivals and other times. They have also worked on a full scale viking village project in Norway over the past three years, which included filming for television from several different countries and a documentary program shown on Norwegian television. Julie is also a fan, but new to acting, she is looking forward to becoming inolved with costume making.

on-Michael is the proud owner of one of Michael Praed's original tunics from the series, as well as Jason Connery's trousers and shirt. John and Freyja have faithfully reproduced both Michael's and Judy's costumes and are at present improving them, while also working on a copy of Jason's ring tunic. Ray Winstone's costume is in the pipeline as are a Nottingham soldier and, if we are feeling especially brave, one of the Sheriff's fabulous outfits.

atch the News page for further updates as to where we will be making an appearance, or details of any projects we are working on.

Freyja, John, Jon-Michael and Julie

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Actress Freyja Faraday

John Joyner (Ragnar)

Jon-Micheal Lindsey

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