Upcoming Events

he Hooded Man 30th Anniversary 2014

The Hooded Man convention tickets are 260 (or 286 if using Paypal) Run by the Offstage Theatre Group, Barnaby Eaton-jones and Karon Hollis

It will be held at the St Pierre Hotel and Country Club (owned by the Marriott chain) in Chepstow, South Wales.

Guests will incude Nickolas Grace, Claire Toeman, Jason Connery, Clive Mantle and Jeremy Bulloch

Please go to http://www.thehoodedman.co.uk/apps/photos/album?albumid=13236045 for more information

othing's Forgotten 2013 - CANCELLED

Sadly it appears that the 2013 convention has been officially cancelled.

We do not know the reasons behind this decision but will update if and when that news is received by us.

So now it looks like the official convention will be in 2014. Please see www.thehoodedman.co.uk for further details. They hope to do a flaming arrow in memory of dear Kip Carpenter at Chepstow. This has to be a must for all those that can make it.

othing's Forgotten 2013

Robin of Sherwood Convention Plans are afoot for a 30th Anniversary Convention.

Details can be found on the Face book page here: