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September 3rd 2013

ew Wolfshead T-Shirts

For those of you that like to wear something a little special while supporting Robin Of Sherwood, special orders for WolfsHead T-shirts are in production. The order deadline is by the 15th September from the following website: Wolfsheads Fan Site

August 30th 2013

ales of Albion - Feature Film

Over the weekend the Outlaws had an enjoyable time filming the prequel to Spirit Of Albion. Tales of Albion is based on the Horned God and our section of filming was depicting his connection with Robin Hood. Directed by Gary Andrews, the film was shot in the beautiful forests of Hampshire on a hot summers day. With the addition of the youngest member of the team, Conan Joyner impressed many with his skills with the sword at only the age of two. Gary is still working on other aspects of the film and hopes that it will be available for viewing sometime late next year.

November 16th 2011

reyja Faraday's recent film, Rufus Stone, has its World Premiere screening this month in Bournemouth.

The film was made by Parkville Pictures and the event will have the full red carpet treatment for cast and crew.
'I am very excited to have my first taste of a red carpet event. I am looking forward to being able to continue to work in film and television when the opportunity arises.'

9th October 2011

ew book available from UK bookshops relating to Robin Of Sherwood.

Author Ed Hogan has his new book 'THE HUNGER TRACE' now available in UK bookshops. One of the central characters, Christopher, who is grieving for his dead father, watches VHS tapes of the TV series (he's especially intrigued by the Cromm Cruac episode), and has visions of Herne the Hunter.

Link for the new book: e=UTF8&qid=1317890371&sr=8-1

7th October 2011

eorge Baker, who played Sir Richard of Leaford, dies of pneumonia following a stroke.

A very sad day for family, friends and fans as a wonderful actor dies. We extend our thoughts and condolences to George's family.

11th September 2011

owmen of Woodland changes their name to 'Outlaws of the Greenwood'.

We decided that as the group does more than just archery, and can be involved in other aspects of medieval life, the older name did not cover everything we did. We wanted to use the term 'Greenwood' as it is found in the earliest ballads including 'A Gest of Robyn Hode' as shown below.

Verse 14 of the First Fytte of 'A Gest of Robyn Hode'

'No more ye shall no gode yeman'

'That walketh by grene wode shawe;'

'Ne no knyght ne no squyer'

'That wol be a gode felawe'

8th September 2011

ebsite Update

The website is currently undergoing an update. Please be patient as we update the pages as quickly as possible.

29th August 2011

obin of Sherwood to return?

Well, possibly. In fact it could have already,with two Robins!

Clive Mantle talks about what could have been in this interview discussing the upcoming 30th Anniversary:

20th April 2009

ew Robin Hood films

A reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale merges the elements of magic and medieval romance. The Sheriff of Nottingham has targeted Robin and his band of heroes dwelling within Sherwood Forest. To destroy his enemies, the Sheriff unleashes an unstoppable creature that transforms at night into Alina, a striking woman. Robin must find a cure for Alina before her terror spreads, all the while keeping his childhood love Maid Marion out of harm's way.

This info can be found at:

22nd February 2007

atest News Direct From Kip Carpenter

There is absolutely no truth that R.O.S is coming back. I have been contacted by nobody to write a script. No approach has been made either to me or to Paul Knight - the producer of the series. This is a beautiful example of Fan Fantastic Flim Flam. Sorry, but that's the truth. I would be grateful if this E could be circulated among the membership! What is true is that the BBC are going to perpetrate their ghastly version of Robin the Hoody again. Stand by to switch off.

26th - 27th August 2006

obin of Sherwood Convention 2006

The Bowmen of Woodland made an appearance at the Legend 2006 Robin of Sherwood convention that was held in Barnby Moor, near Retford, Nottinghamshire. We had a very pleasant time talking with the fans and joining in with some of the activities like the Long Bow event. Some of the fans made costumes while others hired them for the weekend. All of them had a lot of fun. Phil Rose was a guest there, talking with the fans and participating with some of the events. However he also worked very hard with the other organisers to make the event a moment of joy for all who attended. He has since been made 'Honorary Viking of Gudvangen' which we dubbed him using Albion. The next convention in 2008 should be incredible. Hope to see you then.

29th April 2006

he Bowmen Of Woodland Photo Shoot

On a beautiful clear and sunny day, the Bowmen of Woodland had their photos professionally made in the lovely setting of the woodland next to Highcliffe Castle. We had quite a few spectators as usual, which is always nice to see. Photos will be online as soon as possible

3rd April 2006

ossible New Robin of Sherwood Series On Its Way.

At last Richard Carpenter is on a mission to get the next series of Robin of Sherwood into action.Originally, script writer Vanessa Greatorex had written a script for “The Reward”, as Kip had said that he had not planned to write any more for the Robin of Sherwood series. As it now turns out, Kip is on the move for his own script which is good news for all RoS fans out there. At this moment all we know is that it will be a two part series. Nothing more so far.