obin ood Locations and Information

Finding the real Robin Hood

obin Hood the legend has graced our poems, songs, telivision and other media for many generations. But what do we know of the actual man, or was it many men? There are, on the market, many books which try to answer these questions. As we do not wish to repeat what has been already said we instead are pleased to produce pages of information where the Robin Hood legend takes us in the beautiful countryside of England. Take a peaceful walk with us to find England's most greatest of all heros.

Papplewick Church

applewick Church was reputed to be the wedding place of Alan-a-Dale. The church itself stands in the small village of Pappelwick, within the bounderies of Sherwood Forest. Within the church one can see the Forester's Stones engraved with a bow and arrows. This would of been a memorial grave stone for one of the foresters during Robin Hood's time.

here is also within the grounds of the church an ancient yew tree which legend has it that Robin cut his first bow from.

King John's Hunting Lodge / King John's Palace


n the grounds of Blidworth church sits a stone with no name. Yet we know it to be of Will Scarlet. It is quite a humbling experience to touch it

Pontefract Castle

his castle was responsible for the administration of the local area and the vast estates of the Lacy Family which included Barnsdale.

Robin Hood's Well

ear to the bend of the A1 is the actual spot of Robin Hood's Well. The well has since been moved from is original spot into a newer position in a layby. This was done in order to protect the stonework. Unfortunately however, while talking with the wardens of the well, it is clear to see that traffic is slowly going to collapse the well in time. From the photos and pictures we have been given the opportunity to photo from the wardens of the well, you can see it in its original position. The photo of the man standing by the lamppost dates the pictures quite well.