Robin Of Sherwood - The Series

obin of Sherwood the series was created by television writer Richard Carpenter in the eighties. The outlaw and supporting cast members comprised mainly of Michael Praed, Jason Connery, Judi Trott, Clive Mantle, Peter Llewellyn Williams, Phil Rose, Ray Winstone, Mark Ryan, John Abineri and Stuart Linden.

he Normans and other adversaries were blessed by such actors as Robert Addie, Nickolas Grace, Philip Jackson, Anthony Valentine, Richard O’Brian, Philip Davis and Rula Lenska to name a few.

ocations for the series ranged from castles including those of Farleigh Hungerford, Chepstow and Alnick, to Bradford and Avon Tithe Barn, Black Rock in Chedder Gorge and Blaise Woods among others.

o date, Robin Of Sherwood has gone three series. The fist two had Michael playing Robin and the last was with Jason.

he fan base for this series has endured throughout the last twenty years. Fans have been known to create their own fictional stories to continue the legend. Videos, DVDs, music, books, games, posters and other memorabilia keep the spirit which is Robin Of Sherwood alive and which will stay with us for many more glorious years.