he object of this page is to describe the various swords and other weapons and armour used during the production of Robin of Sherwood. This will obviously concentrate on the various versions of Albion.

Season 1.

Albion 1.

urved square section brass quillons/crossguard with jewel design. Plain round brass pommel. Handle wire bound. Sword blade etched with a large amount of runes (Herne’s son is my master I cannot slay him) and designs running down the fuller. Whether the runes on the blade actually spelled this out we have been unable to determine. This sword was abandoned apparently due to the jewels on the crossguard being painful against the hand in use. The current whereabouts of this sword is unknown.

Seasons 2 & 3.

Albion 2.

lat rectangular section brass quillons/crossguard tapering slightly outwards to angled ends. Large brass Lion’s Head sculpted pommel. Handle leather wrapped with brass ferrules at either end. Blade with design near crossguard, followed by wording ”Albion”, a smaller design followed by sixteen runes and the preceding design reversed. Blade bevelled along it’s entire length.

Albion 3. (Wayland).

andle and crossguard to the same specification as Albion 2. The runes and inscriptions on the blade are also the same. The blade itself is wider and has a ricasso from the crossguard to about midway through the first design.

Albion 4. (Tales of Robin Hood Sword)

his is a variation of Albion 2 with a different crossguard as used on several other swords in the series. There are also times when Robin is supposed to be using Albion, but in fact actually isn’t! I will add a detailed archive of this at a future date.

Lions Head Sword.

variety of other swords were used by characters during the series. This particular sword also doubled for Albion during the scene at the mill in "The Swords of Wayland” The handle design is the same as Albions 2, 3 and 4 but the lions head pommel is smaller although the design of the lion is identical. The crossguard is curved and bevelled from a central ridge and there is vertical ornamentation on the middle and the end of each arm.

ther weapons

Morning star

irst seen in Seven Poor Knights from Acre. The one used in Robin’s fight scene is actually a commonly available replica, which can often be found in shops that specialise in these items. It is available with either one or two “stars” at around £20.

My Albion & the original Solas from Seven Swords of Wayland

The Albion from Tales of Robin Hood